Video of arrest involving DPS troopers in South Dallas raises more concerns about over-policing

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An arrest in South Dallas Thursday night has put a spotlight on the concerns about Department of Public Safety patrols.

Dark cell phone footage shows the tense interaction between DPS troopers, a man, and his family.

The man who was arrested claims law enforcement singled him out for no reason.

DPS officials said he was being stopped for a traffic violation and resisted commands.

The family claims the trooper followed Brandon Chandler home and never initiated lights and sirens until he was already out of the car.

They feel DPS troopers overreacted to the situation, adding to an already tense situation in South Dallas.

The cell phone video captured some of the escalating tension brewing between South Dallas residents who feel they’re being over-policed, and DPS troopers brought in by the Dallas police chief to help combat violent crime.

According to DPS, a trooper tried to pull 32-year-old Brandon Chandler over for a traffic violation on Myrtle Street.

Chandler pulled up in front of a home belonging to his mother.

DPS officials said he ran toward the home and ignored the trooper's commands.

It's a narrative Chandler's mother strongly disagrees with.

“You turned your lights on after he got out of the car, keys in his hand and up here,” Brandon’s mother, Christine Chandler, said.

The trooper eventually used a stun gun on Chandler.

Another video showed the amount of law enforcement that eventually arrived, including Dallas PD officers, with the growing crowd berating them.

“This was a traffic stop. Why did it take 20 to 25 police officers for one traffic stop? I don't understand that,” Brandon’s sister, Lateasha Chandler, said.

Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua was shown the cell phone video from his district.

The encounter took place just hours after Bazaldua held a news conference asking that DPS troopers be re-directed to other neighborhoods.

“It's not only about combating crime, but it's about protecting our community, not harassing them inside of our own community, and that's what I see when you show me that video,” Bazaldua said.

New Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said if civil rights are being violated, that's a major concern, but also said it may just be police work.

“If these are actually violations, and these are valid law enforcement strategies to be more proactive. That's police work,” Johnson added.

Councilman Adam McGough said there's been an outcry from his constituents in Northeast Dallas, asking for more DPS troopers in their neighborhoods.

“We're still so understaffed that this is really an opportunity to help reduce the crime in our neighborhoods,” McGough said. “I still believe that we absolutely need DPS officers here in the city.”

Mayor Johnson said he wishes Chief Hall was at the special council meeting to address concerns about over-policing.

She remains out on personal leave, so there's no telling when any talks about possibly re-directing troopers to other neighborhoods might take place.