Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office shooting victim identified

The people killed in a murder-suicide inside the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office have been identified.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office said 51-year-old James Frost shot his wife, 46-year-old Beth Frost, Tuesday afternoon. He then shot and killed himself.

County Commissioner John Wiley Price said Beth Frost was a county employee who worked on the second floor in the ME’s office.

2 dead in apparent murder-suicide at Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office

Investigators are still looking into how her husband got into the building through an employee entrance that he should not have had access to.

"You can have the best security in the world, and you can’t stop people who are determined whatever evil they are going to carry out. He could’ve sat in the parking lot and done the same thing. He knew where she worked," Commissioner Price said.

The sheriff’s office said the couple was married but estranged.