Uptown Dallas parking garage partially collapses

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Brief, but strong, storms left scattered damage and caused flooding across the metroplex Monday afternoon.

The worst damage appeared to be at an Uptown parking garage in Dallas.

Either lightning or strong winds knocked down the facade of the parking garage at The Taylor, crushing a cable company's van.

“It literally sounded like a car flew off the building,” said resident Priscilla Novoa.

Justin Kane and his wife live on the eight floor. The collapse happened right next to their balcony.

“You live in a brand new building. You don't expect anything like that to happen,” said Kane. “We were getting ready to tie down the furniture on the balcony just watching it and hear a huge crash."

When the facade came down, only a Time Warner Cable van was underneath. Fortunately, its driver, Christian Tome, was not inside the van when it happened.

“I am very blessed,” he said. “Thank you Lord for everything."

A couple miles away on Lemmon Avenue, two cars were left underwater in a garage underneath a restaurant.

“We were just upstairs having coffee with friends and came out to our car completely flooded,” said Gabriel Martinez. “We're kind of stuck here for the foreseeable future."

No injuries were immediately reported.