Update: Parker County deputy shot himself while investigating illegal deer blind

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office now believes the deputy who was shot while looking for an illegal hunter was injured by his own service weapon.

Deputy Jarrett Turner was shot in the foot Monday evening. The sheriff's office calls it an "accidental discharge" from backup pistol on the deputy. A landowner had called to report that someone set up a deer blind and was trespassing on his property near Cattlebaron and White Settlement roads.

The 27-year-old deputy approached a tree where the owner said he thought the deer blind was located. He had a flashlight in one hand and one of his guns in the other.

In video from his body camera, two shots can be heard as he approaches the tree. That’s followed by hurried moments as the deputy tries to process what happened.

But Sheriff Larry Fowler said a slug found at the scene Thursday came from the small-caliber gun that was strapped to the deputy’s leg. Tests confirmed it’s the same one that went through his foot and the sheriff claims the pistol malfunctioned.

It’s still not clear if anyone was ever trespassing on the property. The property owner reported seeing someone in the area before dark wearing a hoodie and jeans with a backpack. Deputy Turner also said the gunman took off as he crawled back to his cruiser to call for help.

Sheriff Fowler now believes it’s possible the suspect had already come and gone before the shooting.

Earlier this week, the sheriff called the shooting an ambush. He told FOX 4 he was confused and angry over the fact that someone would try to murder his deputy over a deer. There was a reward of up to $17,000 available for information.

As far as Fowler is now concerned, the case is closed.

There’s no word on if Deputy Turner, who has been with the department for two years, will face disciplinary action.

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