UPDATE: Man arrested for vandalising Richardson church


Richardson Police say they have arrested a man who vandalized a church building.

In a Facebook post, leaders from Arapaho United Methodist Church say police told them the man confessed to three incidents including firing pellets into the building Friday, but that he was not trying to hurt anyone.


The shots shattered windows at the church on Arapaho Road. No one was injured.


Arapaho United Methodist Church in Richardson said Saturday police caught the person who vandalized the church three times.

In a Facebook post, the church said the person confessed to the crime and said he did not want to hurt anyone, he just wanted to damage the property.

Police said a pellet or BB gun was used Friday, during this most recent vandalism. The windows were boarded up Saturday morning.

FOX 4 spoke with businesses owners across the street from the church who weren't aware of what happened, but said the crimes need to be taken seriously.

“The glass could shatter, the pellet could go through, could hit a child, not good, not good,” said one business owner who did not want to give a name.

Witnesses said there was a training class going when the vandalism happened and children were getting out of preschool. Police pulled surveillance video from the church and nearby businesses, in hopes of finding the perpetrator.

“Ultimately, we can't control all those things around us so we just do our best to keep our eyes open and be aware and I'm glad I'm now aware so we can just know and keep our eyes open,” said Crossfit Richardson owner Julia Marshall.

Church leaders did not want to speak on camera but voiced their frustrations online and posted a message to their members saying in part: “The pellets broke through the outer pane of the double-pane windows but did not reach the inside of the building.”

“At this point, I think it's time for the people in charge that know how to investigate these things do that before anybody assumes anything on any end,” said Marshall.