UPDATE: Autopsy on 2-year-old girl pushed back to Monday

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An autopsy on a 2-year-old girl that was originally scheduled for Sunday morning was pushed back until Monday.
Police responded to the Los Lomas Apartments on Timberlake Drive in East Arlington early Saturday morning to find Aniyah Darnell unresponsive. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Her sudden death leaves many, including Aniyah’s grandfather Ronnie Ingram, with many questions. He says he hasn’t seen Aniyah or his daughter since August.

“"Why.  Why, why wouldn't you just bring us the kids?” he said. "Out of all my grandkids, she was an angel! She was so very special; she was so loving. She always had a smile on her face."

Police arrested Shamonica Page and Derick Roberson and charged them with injury to a child. Court documents say Page began caring for Aniyah in August as a favor to the girl’s mother.

"The people that my daughter chose to let, entrust my grandchildren to, we don't know them," said Ingram.

A police affidavit says Page admitted to using a belt to punish the child because:

“She was frustrated with the victim going to the bathroom in her clothes and pullups and was trying to teach the victim ‘a lesson’”.

Page also admitted to hitting the girl where she had a previous burn, and did not seek medical attention.

Police say Roberson was present during the crime.

"We were not offered an opportunity to receive our grandkids. We would have stopped this tragedy from happening because we would have taken care of them,” said Ingram.

Ingram says he’s not heard from his daughter since he learned of Aniyah’s death.

"She was just an angel within herself and to hear the events that she had to go through. We're glad that God removed her from that kind of suffering."

Based on what Monday’s autopsy brings to light, police say the charges against Page and Roberson may be increased.