Tyre Nichols demonstrations in North Texas remain peaceful

The Memphis Police Department has disbanded the Scorpions special unit whose officers were seen on video beating Tyre Nichols to death.

On Saturday, the police director said that she listened intently to Nichols' relatives and community leaders when making the decision.

The officers currently assigned to the unit agreed with the action.

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This move was made one day after Memphis police released the video of officers striking Nichols at least nine times while Memphis police had him detained.

The 29-year-old died three days later.

Across the country, there were demonstrations held in the wake of his death, including here in North Texas. There was a vigil held outside Dallas City Hall.

Saturday’s protests and demonstrations have been peaceful following nationwide protests Friday night immediately after the video was released. 

The violent video shows the brutal police beating of Nichols during a traffic stop back on January 7.

Five officers were fired and now face charges, including second degree murder after Nichols died from his injuries.

One day after the more than hourlong video was made public, protestors continue to call for accountability. 

A group gathered at Belo Garden in Downtown Dallas Saturday afternoon. 

"If that does not touch your humanity, then nothing will," one person said.


In the police footage, as one officer strikes Tyre Nichols, another pepper-sprays him. ( )

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The four-part video released Friday shows officers dragging Nichols out of his car for suspected reckless driving. 

Friday, Memphis’ police chief said her department has been unable to substantiate the reckless driving allegation that prompted the stop.

Once out of his car, officers used a Taser on Nichols, who then ran away. 

When officers caught up to him, they pepper sprayed him, and beat him. 

Nichols was heard crying out for his mother.

A camera on top of a pole showed the officers kicking Nichols while he was on the ground, then they stood him up to punch him multiple times.

Another officer began beating Nichols with a baton. 

Audio revealed what the officers were saying at the time.

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Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia released a video statement Friday evening with protests expected to last through the weekend. 

"The disputable action of these few former officers do not represent the thousands of honorable police officers across this country," he said. "As a department, we will ensure anyone who chooses to peacefully protest or hold vigils do so safely and securely in our city."

Late Friday and into Saturday, more law enforcement agencies from across North Texas also released written statements, condemning the Memphis police officers’ actions and offering condolences to the loved ones of Nichols and the entire community of Memphis. 

The Lake Worth police chief even posted on his Twitter: "I also want more than words. I want my actions, character and the way i lead to reflect the change we are all seeking."