TX rapper helped inspire ‘Straight Outta Compton'

“Straight Outta Compton," the movie about the legendary hop-hop group N.W.A. is a bona fide Hollywood hit, and a Dallas-based rapper played a role in the making of that film.

Tracy Curry is known as the D.O.C. and he was instrumental in co-writing N.W.A.’s early work.

He spoke to FOX 4 Monday night via Skype about his role helping out in the film and its impact.

His voice permanently changed after a devastating car accident in 1989.

Growing up the projects of west Dallas, the D.O.C. was discovered at 19 years old. He was recently reunited with up to half a dozen platinum albums last May when he found out a friend pawned them in a Plano pawn shop.

The movie is about the pioneers of gangsta rap and the rocky relationship with police.

He says it's just as relevant today as it was decades ago.

And that was those kids 30 years ago telling you that these police feel like they can kill us,” said the D.O.C. “And here, 30 years later, not only are they feeling like they can do it, but they're doing it and it’s at a pretty alarming rate these days.”

He says that's why the movie resonates.

“The movie, sure it should be celebrated, but it's a wake-up call,” he said. “Like you guys still aren’t getting the picture. You know, it’s pretty bad.”

The D.O.C. says it’s a movie almost everyone can relate to.

And it takes them back to a time when for them, I guess, life was a little more simple.”

The D.O.C. says this movie is as much about Dallas as it is about Compton and that he'd like people to see the strength of getting out of bad situations and into a better life.               

He says the Christian Taylor shooting is what they've been rapping about for 30 years, and that the relationship between the police and public isn't going to get better.

In fact, he says it's probably going to get worse until there's a breaking point or until attitudes change.

Police associations across the country have criticized the timing of the movie's release, saying things are just too hot right now.

But the D.O.C. says it reflects what's going on then and now.