Two killed in single-engine plane crash in Quinlan

A pilot and a passenger were killed when a small plane crashed in Quinlan on Wednesday afternoon, narrowly missing a house before the plane caught fire.

Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration say the single-engine Piper PA-24 plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Rockin' M Airport.

The pilot, 54-year-old Walt Meziere, owned both the plane and the airstrip that it took off from.

His friend who was with him at the time was 49-year-old Joe Livingston.

Officials with Texas DPS and the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the crash, along with FAA investigators. They have been talking with people who saw part of the crash.

“They didn't see the takeoff, but what they did see was the plane in the air and looked as though the plane was making a turn and basically took a dive,” said Trooper Kyle Bradford with the Department of Public Safety

Jim Satterwhite, a friend of Meziere’s, last flew with Meziere in March to look at the low levels at Lake Tawakoni.

He says he had full faith in Meziere’s airmanship.

“Flying was his first love,” said Satterwhite.

Meziere’s other love was his wife Chellie, whom he married in the glen next to his airport 10 days ago.

“He had a great laugh and he would just help anybody,” said Satterwhite.

Investigators don't know where Meziere and Livingston were going.