Two kids, two adults found dead in Fort Worth home

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Four people were found dead Monday in a Fort Worth home, police said.

Sources say the bodies are of two children and two adults.

Police said they responded to the scene in the 2000 block of Speckle Drive on Monday afternoon after a 911 call about injured people. Officers found the four bodies inside the home.

Fort Worth police believe the four dead are all family members, but they have not officially released any ages or identities.

Investigators were at the scene in the residential area. Police did say there have not been any reports of gunshots on Monday or the previous night.

Neighbors say they saw people at the house on Easter, including a couple of kids playing outside with grandparents.

“As a parent, you worry. You get saddened by that type of news,” said neighbor Claudia Robles. “It’s just sad, especially when you see a family that's out there just the day before.”

“When something like this happens. it's extremely tragic,” said Buddy Calzada with Fort Worth PD. “So we're very, very sad for this neighborhood and very, very sad for the family that's involved.”

Police say someone who had access to the home made the initial 911 call. They have been in touch with the caller.

Police are calling the deaths an isolated incident, and they are not looking for a suspect.

The causes of death have not been made public.