Two incidents involving passenger jets at DFW Airport on Thursday

Three passengers were slightly hurt Thursday while evacuating an American Airlines jet after smoke was detected in the plane as it prepared to leave Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Less than an hour later an arriving Spirit Airlines plane had part of its landing gear tire catch on fire.

The two incidents kept emergency responders busy at the big airport midday Thursday.

American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely says the crew of Flight 1658 deployed the emergency slides during the incident.

Huguely says American officials are trying to determine the source of smoke in the cabin of the MD-80 preparing to fly to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. There was no fire.

Huguely says the jet, with 146 people on board, had just pulled back from the gate when the incident happened. She had no immediate information on how the three passengers suffered minor injuries during evacuation.

Huguely said the jet was taken out of service and another plane transported passengers to Chicago.

A second incident about 45 minutes later involved a Spirit Airlines jet that had a landing gear tire fire.

Airport officials said the fire was quickly extinguished by DFW Airport firefighters.

A passenger on board said the flight from Orlando landed hard and then people on board heard a loud grinding noise.

“All of a sudden it got super loud, the grinding got louder, there were two loud pops, and the entire left side of the plane dropped and I was actually sitting on that side, and that's when everybody started to freak out,” said passenger Lacey Cleland.

All of the passengers on board were able to exit the plane at the gate with no injuries.

DFW Airport officials said they were able to handle both emergencies at the same time as they have six fire stations on the property.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.