Two dogs quarantined after attacking, killing Yorkie in Dallas

A dog out on a walk with his owner was attacked and killed by two other dogs earlier this week in Oak Lawn.

Dallas police are now investigating to determine if any charges could be filed against the dog’s owner. Dallas Animal Services picked up the two dangerous dogs on Wednesday and cited the owner who left the scene.

The attack happened on the side of the Gables Villa Rosa apartments Monday evening. The owner of Newman, the Yorkie dog killed, does not want the other dogs back on the street.

“I’m completely heartbroken, there’s absolutely nothing that can fix this. And there’s absolutely nothing will bring him back,” Carr said.

Carr said she was walking her nine-year-old Yorkie on Monday evening at Cole Avenue and Cedar Springs when the attack abruptly happened.

“Before I knew it one of the dogs that we could not see, they were not on the sidewalk jumped out and grabbed my dog. And then the other one,” Carr said.

She said the attack not only killed her dog, but left her with several cuts and bruises as well.

“At one point I was on the ground, the dog bit me I somehow got my dog away,” Carr said.

Carr said the owner of the two dogs had them on leashes, but did nothing to stop the attack. When it was over, Carr said the woman quickly walked away with the dogs to the same apartment building where she lives.

“I’m traumatized because I had to watch something that love me so much get taken away from me so viciously and violently and I couldn’t do anything about it,” Carr said.

She is grateful for three neighbors who heard her screaming and gave investigators a good description of the owner and the two dogs.

Dallas Animal Services says the two dogs in question are now in quarantine.

Because of recent changes to a Dallas city ordinance, police can file a misdemeanor charge against the owner for a first-time dog attack and felony charges if the dogs are repeat offenders.

“I think that she needs to pay for this, she needs to be held accountable. This is her fault! She was not controlling her animals,” Carr said.