Two Arlington students arrested for making school threats

Arlington police arrested two Arlington High School students for making threats against fellow classmates.

APD Chief Will Johnson tweeted out photos of the threats, two scrawled on bathroom walls and another in what appeared to be a social media post.

Arlington police arrested two 16-year-old students at AHS for the threats and have charged them with making a terroristic threat, which is a felony.

The social post read, “I’m gonna shoot up the school” followed by numerous angry emojis. The bathroom wall threats were “I’m shoot this b—ch up like Florida 12:15” and “You have 3 hours left till I shoot d-----.”

"A lot of kids think they can hide behind anonymity, and they can write whatever they want and we won't find out who they are," said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook. "That's simply not the case. Every social media platform out there, they are always going to comply with a grand jury subpoena or search warrant affidavit to get identifying information."

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