TSA's most unusual items seized at airports

The Transportation Security Administration has released its Top 10 Catches of 2021 list.

The TSA shares an annual list of the most unusual items it has confiscated from travelers at airports.

Topping the list for this year is a chainsaw confiscated in New Orleans.  In a humorous video released on Twitter featuring the list the security agency said "Can't stump us!"

Other unusual items from the list include a meth-filled burrito in Texas, a machete in Washington, D.C., bear spray in Florida, and even a gun-themed wine holder.

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One person at Atlantic City International tried to pass through a security checkpoint with bullets inside their deodorant container.

The agency screened more than 110 million people, just in the holiday season alone.

The TSA says something much less unusual is one of the top items that agents have to deal with.  They are water bottles.

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The agency asks people not to pack water bottles or other beverages in carry-on bags.  Liquids above 3.4 ounces are not allowed past checkpoints.

The TSA has to open bags and remove the liquids which slows the line.