Truck driver takes off after hitting, killing Arlington biker

Police and family members are searching for the driver who hit and killed an Arlington man on his motorcycle.

Brendan Oliver left his house on his red motorcycle around 9 p.m. on March 15. He didn’t even close his garage door because his family believes wasn’t planning on being gone for long. But he never made it back that night.

Police said a truck that was heading northbound on Kelly Elliott Road near Brendan’s house turned left and hit his motorcycle. Evidence suggests the 20-year-old tried to avoid the crash by laying his motorcycle down.

Police initially thought it was a single vehicle crash. However, investigators later discovered grainy surveillance video that shows the driver get out of his or her truck, walk over to look at Brendan and then leave without even calling 911.

“Minutes matter whenever you are in a situation like that,” said Joe Oliver, Brendan’s dad. “But by the time he got to the hospital, his lungs were completely collapsed.”

Brendan’s family members said he wasn’t killed immediately. When help finally arrived, he was able to say what happened.

Madison Grisham and her mom were passing through after the truck driver left and stopped to help Brendan.

“I laid down on the road, eye level to him,” Grisham recalled. “I kept telling him, ‘You are going to be ok. You are going to be ok.’ Just over and over, reassuring him. We did what the driver should have done.”

But Brendan’s injuries ended up being too severe. His family says he held on for just over a week on life support but took a turn for the worse. He was pronounced dead on March 23.

Brendan’s family described him as a good kid and skilled biker. They said he learned to ride motorized dirt bikes when he was 16, never got a speeding ticket and always wore a helmet. His helmet from the day of the crash actually ended up with tire marks on it.

“Whatever the reason for running, there is no reason that's good enough,” John said. “Just stop and do the right thing.”

They’re hoping someone will come forward with information about the dark-colored, four-door 2004 or newer Dodge Ram 1500 believed to be involved in the crash. They’re worried it will be hard the find the driver because the truck likely didn’t suffer much damage.

“We still have no suspects but we know we will find who did this. Please feel free to share! Every tip helps!!” Oliver’s mom, Megan Kelly, posted on Facebook.

Arlington police said investigators are actively working to find the hit-and-run driver, who will face charges for failing to stop and render aid.

Tipsters should contact Arlington PD Det. Cody Towns at 817-459-8603