Trinity River in Dallas hits major flood stage

The Trinity River near downtown Dallas reached major flood stage on Friday and was set to hit the highest the river had been in years.

The Trinity was at 41.58 feet as of 2 p.m. on Friday and was expected to hit 43 feet before the end of the day, approaching a recent record of 43.31 feet from 1989.

But the 43 foot mark would be another recent high water point for the Trinity, which hit 40.8 feet on Sunday evening due to heavy rains throughout North Texas.

Releases from lakes like Ray Roberts and Lewisville were adding to the Trinity's flow.

Some businesses south of Downtown Dallas near the Trinity were experiencing flooding on Friday, but no people were injured in the rising waters.

The City of Dallas has urged people to stay away from the river's banks and levees. Anyone who falls into the water runs the risk of being swept down river.