Trees along road decorated for Christmas by Midlothian residents

What started with one family's dream to spread cheer is now a Christmas destination for many in Midlothian.

At a lonely intersection in Midlothian on a dreary day sits a scraggly tree decked out for Christmas.

“I've had several friends say it looks like Charlie Browns Christmas tree, and it does,” said Gwen Sharb.

Sharb, her daughter Kristen McClure and two grandchildren have been watching the tree closely these past few weeks ever since she put the first ornaments up.

“It was early in the morning and there wasn't much traffic,” Sharb said.

McClure said about a week went by before they started seeing the tree pop up in social media.

“There was a good week, where it just sat there and somebody posted on Facebook a picture of it and said whoever put this put here thank you this makes us happy when we drive by it,” McClure said.

Word started to spread and no longer did people just drive by, they started adding ornaments of their own. It was just as Gwen and Kristen had hoped -- a reborn tradition.

“I used to live out in Maypearl and out in the country there was a little tree where ornaments would slowly add the first week of December and we got really excited and my kids liked adding to it,” McClure said.

In the past few weeks, the Midlothian tree became the Midlothian trees -- gaining symbols of childhood fun. Some of the pieces have more significance than one might think.

“There was a lady who made a comment on Facebook that she was unable to get out of bed but she would have loved to put an ornament on the tree, and my mom asked her well what's your favorite color and can we hang one for you,” McClure said.

For Abby and Brody, it's starting to mean a lot more than the typical indoor Christmas tree.

“Maybe if we keep on doing this it will become a tradition for the whole town,” Brody McClure said.

And while it might look a little lonely, it's bringing Midlothian together.

“It's not just the season, it's our whole world ...we just need to remember that we're all human beings, we all have a place on this earth -- we're put here for a reason and we've got to remember how to love one another and just be happy with our lives,” Sharb said.