Transgender woman found dead in White Rock Creek

Dallas police want to identify a transgender woman found dead in White Rock Creek over the weekend.

The recent death marks the second transgender woman found dead in Dallas in the past week. Right now, investigators say the two cases don’t seem to be connected.

Dallas police say they are treating it as "an unexplainable death.” Dallas homicide detectives are currently working on the case because the medical examiner’s office has not made an official ruling on the cause of death.

The body of a woman was found by a kayaker Saturday morning floating in White Rock Creek. Police say the body was badly decomposed, but they were able to determine it was a black transgender woman wearing a black t-shirt and black scrub pants. She was about 5' 3" tall and weighed around 130 lbs. She did not have any tattoos or other identifying marks.

"We don't have a lot of information,” said Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “That's why if there is anyone that thinks they may know this victim, we need them to come forward."

"It's heartbreaking. It keeps happening,” said Leslie McMurray, a transgender advocate. “If it does turn out to be foul play, it would be the tenth transgender person murdered in America just this year. Last year, there were 24 and it shows no signs of slowing down."

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A vigil and memorial service were held Sunday at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas for 26-year-old Carla Flores-Pavon. She was a transgender woman who was strangled inside her apartment last Wednesday afternoon. Police are still looking for a man seen leaving her apartment shortly before her body was found.

At this point, police say they have no reason to believe the two cases are connected but haven’t ruled it out.

“Our concerns are your concerns. A victim is a victim,” said Dallas Police Asst. Chief David Pughes. “We're here to be here with you, to listen, and to share your grief and to assure you that we will respond."