Trackdown: Help find Courtney ‘C.J.' Johnson's killers

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This week, Dallas police need help tracking down killers who were caught on tape, but still at large.

Courtney C. J. Johnson was robbed and then shot and killed Saturday night as he walked to his Pleasant Grove apartment after buying a pizza for dinner.

Detectives say Johnson loved pizza from Little Caesar’s. On February 10, he walked to the pizza place two blocks north of his Cameron Park apartments on 1180 North Masters in Pleasant Grove and walked back with his pizza in hand.

“I believe he was trying to get in the pedestrian door but he didn’t know the code,” said DPD Det. Derick Chaney. “He passed by two gentlemen. Didn’t say any words. Looks like they didn’t speak to each other. He didn’t acknowledge them. He’s still on his phone.”

The two men were walking from the direction of Little Caesar’s, where Johnson had been. After he entered the building, the two men can be seen running into the apartments.

“At that point, they run inside. I believe they encounter Mr. Johnson and the shooting happened,” Chaney said. “And then seconds later, you see them running out. And then you see them running all the way across the apartments into the neighborhood.

“He was my world. He meant everything to me,” said Aretha Johnson, the victim’s mother. “Anybody that knew C.J. knew that he would help you. I don’t care who you was, what was going on. Everybody loved C.J.”

A candlelight vigil is planned for Saturday at 6 p.m. at Crawford Park Apartments. The funeral will be Saturday morning in DeSoto.

Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.

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