Trackdown: Help find suspects in brutal, unprovoked attack of homeless man in Dallas

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police are investigating the cruel, unprovoked attack on a homeless man.

The man survived the assault, which included being stabbed.

FOX 4's Shaun Rabb has surveillance video from the 7-Eleven parking lot where this happened on October 26, along with images from a Facebook Live video of the people who detectives said did this.

This happened outside the convenience store located in the 1800 block of John West Road.

"There was a homeless individual who was here and he went inside to purchase something. He was standing outside the store when a group of about five individuals, two Black males and three Black females, came out of the store and approached him," Dallas PD Det. Brody Baggs explained. "They began threatening him and taunting him. They threw bottles at him, threw trash at him, hit him with the lid from the trash can. At one point, they ended up producing a knife and then stabbed him two times."

Investigators said the suspects were actually on Facebook Live during the assault.

"We've got a Facebook video that shows the faces of the suspects," Det. Baggs said. "We have four suspects. We have pretty good pictures of their face. One we couldn't get a picture of because they were inside the car, so we don't know what she looks like. We don't have a picture of her."

The detective said people who know these suspects will be able to recognize them from the video.

"I need names. If you know where they live, phone numbers, anything about these people to help me identify who they are," Det. Baggs said.


Police said this attack was unprovoked, and the homeless man was not bothering the suspects before he was attacked.

"He was standing there, trying to let them walk away and kind of de-escalate the situation, and they just kept pushing him. They surrounded him. At one point, they got him on the ground. They surrounded him and all five of them started jumping him, punching him, kicking him, and all five of them took off and then fled in two vehicles," Det. Baggs said. "It went on for almost ten minutes that they kind of were assaulting and messing with this guy, no reason other than he was here, and it’s really hard to watch on the video."

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Baggs at 214-676-0548 or email brody.baggs@dallas