Toddler fatally shot in Fort Worth home

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A toddler died from a shotgun wound to the head late Wednesday night in east Fort Worth.

The fatal shooting happened at just after 9:30 p.m. at a home on Lawnwood Street, which is near Beach Street and East 1st Street.

Family members told police 3-year-old Jonnie Colon discovered a gun and accidentally shot himself with a shotgun. First responders found him in a bedroom. They said adults and other children were home at the time.

Investigators are trying to determine if the child shot himself or someone shot him.

Neighbors say they're heartbroken but also bewildered by the possibility the shooting was self-inflicted.

"How does a kid take a shotgun and pick it up, take it to his head?” questioned Eugene Bundick. “Doesn't make sense."

No one at the home on Thursday wanted to make any comment about the 3-year old or what happened. During one instance, a young boy who was with adults prominently made obscene gestures towards FOX 4 cameras. The people at the home were seemingly frustrated by media attention.

Neighbors are frustrated by what’s happened.

"You're 3 years old. How long can your arm be?” questioned neighbor David Hererra. “You can't reach the trigger and the barrel be right in your face — not at that age."

Police are investigating the case as a homicide. They are still trying to determine if it was indeed a tragic accident or if something else happened.

It’s unclear who owned the gun.