Tips pour in as Arlington police search for truck possibly involved in deadly hit-and-run

Arlington police continue to search for a truck that was possibly involved in a deadly hit and run over the weekend.

Investigators say Roy Smith, 80, was run over Saturday while he was checking his mail outside his home on Timberview Lane.

Arlington police have received more than 100 leads since releasing the image of a vehicle possibly involved with the fatal hit and run -- a 1999 to 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab. The truck’s front right door, hood, and quarter panels are a lighter color while the rest of the pickup is a darker color.

"You took away someone who was loved. You took away our father," said daughter Gail Smith-Crowe.

A neighbor shared video of the scene with the sisters and they showed that to FOX4 on Monday.

"He just zoomed around this car and hurries up to try to get away," Smith-Crowe said.

The surveillance recording shows a truck speeding from the scene at the very time the Smith was hit. It shows the pickup zipping around a car sitting at an intersection.

Another video clip from a gas station at that intersection shows the same pick up swerving in traffic.

"It was definitely on the street about the time of the crash," said Arlington PD Lt. Chris Cook.

Arlington police said the vehicle is of "significant interest."

"The front right door, the hood and both the front left and right quarter panels they are lighter color, possibly primer colored or possibly gray while the rest of the pickup was a darker color. So with the images we thought this is a pretty unique truck," Cook said.

The family is still trying to come to grips with smith being killed while doing a simple everyday task. Police believe they will make progress in the investigation.

"We are optimistic we are going to find this truck. The question is who was the driver and were they involved in a collision with this man, and if so why they didn’t stop or call emergency services," Cook said.


Police searching for hit-and-run driver who fatally struck 80-year-old man in Arlington