Tight Security at 2016 Dallas Pride Parade

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The fun at this year’s Dallas pride parade was met with heightened security. It’s the first parade since the deadly shooting in Orlando and Dallas.

The Sunday celebrations continued into the night without a hitch. Many credit that to police and strategic event organizers.

No coolers were allowed, and all bags had to be see-through. There were also metal detectors at the entrance, for the first time.

"This is the first large event we are having since the Orlando shooting and the shooting that happened downtown, so we're taking every step to ensure the safety of everyone that attends," said DPD public information officer Monica Cordova.

Officers were on hand around each corner of the parade route along Turtle Creek Blvd. Chief David Brown, himself, made an appearance, waving to the crowd.

Emmanuel Hinojosa says, in Dallas, gay pride is celebrated every day. "No hate. Love one another. Respect each other."

It’s an especially important message in the Oak Lawn. Police have yet to make any arrests after 18 reported beatings and robberies in the LGBT community, since last year’s parade.

"It's pretty sad when you feel that way; when you just don't feel safe walking alone," said Hinojosa.

There were some protesters, but they were far outnumbered by supporters.

People we spoke with say the added security can be a bit of a hassle, but they understand it's for good reason.