Third Oak Lawn attack in recent weeks reported

Dallas police are now learning about a third attack on a man in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas in recent weeks.

In this case, the victim says two people punched him as he walked to a bar on Cedar Springs.

A man named Michael, who asked FOX 4 that we not use his last name, was attacked while walking toward a bar early last Wednesday morning.

“This other guy is hitting me in the back and they're just -- I'm going this way and I'm being dragged,” said Michael.

He still has a black eye, and the bruise on the left side of his face is starting to heal.

Michael says he didn't call police right away because he'd been drinking.

But he changed his mind after seeing Jaime Domingez' story on FOX 4 on Tuesday.

“When I saw him, I just broke down in tears,” said Michael. “I feel like it was my fault...if I would have just said something.”

Dominguez was also walking in the early morning hours, heading home after leaving a bar last Friday.

He doesn't remember the attack, but says whoever cut him didn't take his wallet or Apple watch.

Investigators say they don't have much to go on, but they do believe the first of the recent attacks was a hate crime.

In that Sept. 20 attack, four men shouted slurs while beating the victim with a baseball bat.

It happened after the gay pride parade in Oak Lawn.

Rafael McDonnell from the Resource Center in Oak Lawn says he's telling people to take the normal precautions until police know more.

“For three violent incidents like this to happen in such a short amount of time, you gotta wonder what the motivation is,” said McDonnell. “Are people coming here to target folks because of their real or perceived orientation or gender identity?”

But there's not enough information to connect the crimes or say definitively that the last two could have been motivated by hate.

“I was just so traumatized,” said Michael. “It was the most horrific experience I've ever experienced. I literally thought I was going to die…I felt like somehow, I made it. I’m alive. I’m just grateful to God that I made it.”