Thieves steal mail from North Dallas condos

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Residents of a far North Dallas condo complex say they're the victims of mail thieves that stole checks, credit cards, medicine and more.

At first, residents at the Woodhaven Condominiums in North Dallas had no idea how someone was getting into their mail room.

“We were missing mail and people complaining over the holidays, not getting Christmas cards, gift certificates,” said HOA Vice President Tyler Gustafson.

It kept happening until they installed cameras and saw what happened Saturday morning. After weaseling their way into the mailroom, a pair is seen with a big bag, getting ready to clear out every mailbox. One of the thieves looks straight at the camera and then turned it away.

“It was rather shocking how they got in, but it was pretty smart how they did it,” said HOA President Charles Packard. “It looked like they were well versed in what they were doing.”

“I think they're the lowest of the low,” said Gustafson. “I mean when you're grabbing people's hard earned money and medications that keep them well.”

Worried residents are now checking their mailboxes every day, not sure when they'll be hit next. But they hope someone who sees the surveillance video will help put a stop to it.

The homeowner's association is offering a $1,500 reward to catch the pair of thieves.