Thieves steal fundraiser items from Dallas non-profit

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Just two days before an important fundraiser, burglars stripped a Dallas non-profit of its auction items.

The fundraiser luncheon for the Grant Halliburton Foundation was set to raise money for a teen mental health hotline.

The burglars jimmied open the front door and then went pilfering through the entire office over the weekend. Seemingly looking for anything they could get, they found the lifeblood of Tuesday's fundraiser.

It is the second time in a week thieves have targeted an office at a complex on LBJ near Preston Road. The latest break-in happened sometime between Friday night and Monday morning.

Kevin Hall, president of the Grant Halliburton Foundation, doesn't believe the thieves had any inside knowledge because of the way they busted open all of the drawers and file cabinets. They came upon a room with plenty of valuables inside. About 80 percent of the items for their bingo auction were stolen.

“This room was literally full of boxes merchandise. You name it. It was packed,” Hall said. “They used our own dolly to move all our stuff out.”

The foundation was established 12 years ago in memory of 19-year-old Grant Halliburton who committed suicide. The foundation is committed to connecting teens with mental health resources.

“Kids today are experiencing stress and anxiety that older generation can't relate to,” Hall said. “I think people will come out tomorrow and be supportive. Stuff doesn't matter. I think they will support us anyway."

Volunteers spent months generating the donations for the auction.

“We help people with crisis,” said Connie Stephenson with the organization. “Now, we have one of our own.”

“We are forging ahead and will make the best of a bad situation and flip this story and get the word out about Grant Halliburton,” said Kathy Crowe on the luncheon committee. “We will go on with our luncheon tomorrow and make sure the good guys win.”

The thieves also took off with petty cash, a projector and even their coffee pot.

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