Thieves rob Dallas restaurant in fewer than three minutes

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Burglars broke into a Lower Greenville restaurant early Thursday and emptied its safe.

The burglars entered Muscle Maker Grill in the 2200 block of Greenville Ave. in Dallas around 6 a.m. Owner Miguel Martinez arrived to find his door busted and his safe empty and destroyed.

Martinez said the burglars seemed to have a specific target and knew exactly how to access it. The entire incident happened in fewer than three minutes.

They broke in the front door with a pry bar and began to roam the restaurant in the dark, eventually finding the safe.

“I think we're gonna be fine,” Martinez said. “I'm just happy no one was here when it did happen. We've built a good team and we'll recover from it. It makes me sad to work so hard and have this happen. I would just encourage anyone that feels pushed into a corner not to do something like this to try to reach out to someone, try to do something different.”

Martinez said he opened the business about a year ago and had not been burglarized before.