The Colony family at home when suspect broke in to house

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A mother and daughter in recall the night an intruder broke into their home in The Colony and ended in gunfire.

Carolyn and Lauren Vinita say they were home around 6 p.m. Tuesday when they hear two loud bangs coming from their back door. They say it was a cinder block being hurled at the house that made the commotion.

“And then the curtains that just kind of hang down at that glass door just kind of opened up, and he walked in,” recalled Lauren.

Police say the intruder was 24-year-old Shaquille Rogers. He lived in the same neighborhood, but the Vinitas say they had never seen him.

Lauren says she was struck by how calm Rogers seemed.

“He didn't even look around to see if anybody was in,” she said. “He just walked through like it was his place, you know. He wasn't worried at all. He just walked straight to the counter.”

Lauren says he grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen and then ran out. Her mother was in another room closer to the front, saw Rogers and ran, too.

“I saw him come out of the kitchen,” Carolyn recalled. “He didn't look at me. Looked like he was mumbling.”

Both Lauren and Carolyn ran to separate neighbors to call for help. Then, The Colony police arrived. Officers say they found Rogers inside, saw him with a knife and fired their guns, killing him.

The suspect’s father told FOX 4 that he might have been on drugs and not in the right mind. His family shared a photo of Rogers when he served in the Army. They say he left two or three years ago but was hoping to re-enlist.

“To be honest, I wasn't sad for him,” Carolyn said. “I was sad for his parents.”

The Colony police originally said they were searching for a second suspect that ran from the home. On Wednesday, investigators clarified that they now believe there was not a second suspect.