Testimony of Fort Worth murder suspect's ex-girlfriend won't be allowed in trial

A Tarrant County judge has ruled some of the testimony prosecutors wanted to present to the jury will not be heard in the murder of a TWU student.

An ex-girlfriend of defendant Charles Bryant will only get to speak about what she saw in connection to the case.

Bryant is accused of murdering 24-year-old Jacqueline Vandagriff in 2016.

Some of the most compelling testimony came from Bryant's ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Mathis. But it's testimony the jury won't hear.

Bryant's ex-girlfriend testified she tried many times to end their relationship that lasted less than three months. Under questioning by prosecutors, Mathis says Bryant kept pursuing her up until he was arrested for Vandagriff’s murder.

Mathis testified at the end of the day Tuesday outside the jury's presence. She claimed Bryant was controlling and said she broke up with him through text because she was scared of him and how he’d react.

Mathis, who is a student at the University of North Texas, says Bryant was eventually arrested for trespassing on her campus.

"He definitely wanted me to drop the charges so he could get up and leave,” she said.

As compelling as the testimony was, the judge ruled it was not part of the murder case and therefore not admissible.

On Wednesday, the state focused on several pieces of physical evidence, including a knife, shovel, zip ties, a stun gun and a satchel with a TWU logo on it that prosecutors say was found at Bryant's home.

Prosecutors contend Bryant killed Vandagriff, dismembered her body and set fire to it at a park at Grapevine Lake.

The defense says Vandagriff died during consensual sex and that Bryant tried to dispose of her body instead of calling police.     

The state also introduced crime scene photos of what they contend is a burned bone fragment in the backyard of Bryant's home in Haslet. They also found other evidence in trash cans and a car at the home.