Testimony: Friends recall Christina Morris leaving party

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Testimony in the Christina Morris kidnapping trial Friday included people who were at the party on the night of her disappearance.

Surveillance video shows Morris leaving the party with the defendant, Enrique Arochi, two years ago. Police said they found her DNA in the truck of his car, so they charged him with aggravated kidnapping.

During questioning, Arochi told police he had cuts on his hands from a fight. Several witnesses testified they did not recall seeing cuts on his hands at the party.

Under cross-examination, the witnesses from the party also said Arochi was the one who decided to leave the party first. They said Morris decided to go with him because she didn’t want to walk to her car in the dark alone.

Witness Steven Nickerson testified that Morris had gotten emotional earlier in the night about texts from her boyfriend. She seemed determined to go to Fort Worth to see him and was another reason why she left when she did with Arochi.

Nickerson told jurors that he called Morris to make sure she had gotten to her car safely. She didn’t pick up but called him back immediately and said she was still walking. He tried calling her about five minutes later but never heard from her again.

The jury also viewed surveillance video of Arochi's Chevy Camaro leaving the Shops at Legacy parking garage.

 media specialist with Plano police said he was asked by a detective back in 2014 if he could see any damage to the front side of the car as it pulled away. The detective also wanted to know if he could see anyone in the passenger seat.  The media specialist testified he could not answer either question due to the poor quality of the video.

Friday was also the first time since the trial began that Arochi’s parents watched the proceedings in court. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison.

Prosecutors will continue to present their case on Monday.