Teens accused in deadly Irving robbery attempt

Irving police say a man who was killed inside his vehicle over the weekend was the target of a robbery.

Two teens are in custody for the murder, and police say the pair also shot a 16-year-old who recognized them from school.

Police say the suspects, 17-year-old Miguel Angel Martinez and a 16-year-old, likely chose 45-year-old Maurice Crawford as a victim because he was outside his Irving home on Meadow Lark Lane, sitting inside his vehicle.

Investigators say it all began Saturday morning with the two suspects looking for someone to rob.

"Both were walking down Meadow Lark Lane and saw Mr. Crawford sitting in his car and approached him and demanded he get out of the car and demanded his belongings,” said Sgt. James McLellan with the Irving Police Department. “The juvenile suspect was holding the pistol at that time and making the demands with Mr. Crawford. Mr. Crawford began to fight back."

Investigators say it was during the robbery that 16-year-old Demorious Ducking came out of the home to help Crawford, his mother’s boyfriend. 

Police say he recognized both suspects as classmates and called them by name.

While Crawford lay dead, Ducking, who is recovering from injuries, is credited with leading police and SWAT officers to the home where the suspects were arrested.

"The tactical team was called,” said McLellan. “They responded to the house and began efforts to call Mr. Martinez out, and thankfully he did so come out and was taken into custody.”