Teen survivor spreads message about pedestrian safety

A Dallas teenager who was hit by a car walking to school is helping to improve safety. He’s taking part in an International Walk to School Day event.

In 2011 when Misael Rico was 7 years old, he was hit by a car while he and his mom were walking to school. The driver was reportedly distracted by his phone and drove onto the curb.

He survived but was seriously injured and suffered some brain damage. He basically had to learn how to walk and talk and everything like that again.

Now at 14 years old, Misael is shining a light on the importance of tougher laws regarding driving while texting.

“The brain damage has hurt me in my school, in my studies. But I just set that aside because, I mean, I’m here with a reason. And if I’m here with a reason then I’ve got to keep moving. So, I don’t let that get in my way of, you know, of getting a career and keep moving forward,” he said.

On Wednesday morning, he led a crowd of elementary students around Mt. Auburn Elementary School in Old East Dallas. They are advocating for safer pedestrian walking.

An estimated 40 students are hit by a car in the United States each day. Misael said that’s a real problem that he hopes he can help change.