Teen photographer claims victory in fight against Lewisville ISD

A Flower Mound teenager is claiming victory in his fight against the Lewisville ISD in an appeal that centered the on copyright of his photos he took at school events.

Anthony Mazur is putting his pictures back online and will be selling them -- any of them.

But his fight, he says, isn't quite over yet.

"I feel like this was a battle for all of artists and photographers worldwide,” said Mazur.

Lewisville ISD forced him to take the photos down back in March and claimed it was because he was taking them on a district-issued camera as part of the yearbook staff, thus making his pictures district property.

The district also cited privacy and copyright issues.

After numerous appeals by Mazur and his parents, the district issued a statement that read in part, "The Board granted and approved the parent's appeal and LISD's administrative directive to be set aside."

"I hope they don't change the policy,” said Mazur. “I think it was working perfectly as it is. Students are there to learn and to make and create things, and if that's their intellectual property that they worked hard to make, they should be able to do what they want with it.”

Photos from now on will be snapped with Mazur’s own camera, giving him nearly unlimited exposure.

His focus is on his new opportunities.

"The Fort Worth Vaqueros invited me out to take pictures,” said Mazur. “I'm currently talking about scheduling some assignments with Sports Illustrated. They reached out to me, so I think it's going well. I appreciate the support and the offers people have been giving me.”

The tricky part will be when Mazur goes back to school and juggling when to use the school's camera and when to use his own.

Mazur was told that the district may now be looking to change its policy that governs use of its equipment.

That’s also the sense that his parents got in their conversations with board members and others within the district.

But when FOX 4 specifically asked the district that question on Monday, it only responded with the original statement above.