Tarrant County prepares for more possible flooding

A lot of people in Tarrant County who live near rivers, lakes, spillways and creeks are struggling to deal with all the water. Some are trying to protect their homes from flooding.

The rain may have stopped for now but there is still more of it in the forecast. And what’s already fallen is filling up the Trinity River. It’s reportedly about 8 feet above flood level.

As a precaution, the Fort Worth Fire Department has added two additional swift water rescue teams. They’ve assigned crews to each corner of the city to be able to respond faster.

The department is also part of a state deployment team. A crew with two boats is headed south to respond to flooding emergencies in Central Texas.

Fort Worth’s water department said over the past two days about 30 manhole covers across the city have popped open because of gushing water. Traffic had to be re-routed on University Drive Tuesday because of two open manholes.

“Just as little as 6 inches of water that’s moving at a high rate of speed can move a vehicle. People just don’t understand how powerful it is. We urge people, if you cannot see the road or if there’s water over the road, don’t drive through it,” said Mike Drivdahl with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

In Arlington, the city is has handing out free sandbags to residents who are trying to protect their homes. Homeowners say they’re the last line of defense against the high water.

Area lakes are also at or near capacity, as well as rivers. Water is reportedly being let out of Eagle Mountain Lake to help out with that.