SWAT officers fatally shoot armed man in Fort Worth

Fort Worth SWAT officers shot and killed a man while searching a home for drugs early Thursday morning.

Police said the officers arrived at the man’s home around 1 a.m. to serve a narcotics search warrant.

They made their way inside the home and started going from room to room. They opened one door to find an older man pointing a gun at them.

“Officers at that point fired at this individual, striking him several times. He was then transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased,” said Officer Brad Perez, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Police Department.

Police said officers did find narcotics in plain view inside the house. They were recovered once officers finished investigating the shooting.

A woman who identified herself as the daughter of the man who was killed, Jose Rosales, said he was not involved in drugs and that she wasn’t aware of any narcotics in the house.

“To me he was just trying to protect himself and honestly the police haven’t even spoke to us to let us see what happened,” Joanna Rosales said.

Perez said the officers involved were wearing body cameras and that footage will be reviewed.

Three other people, including the man’s grandson, were in the home at the time. No one else was hurt.