SUV thief takes off with man's bulldog, belongings

A man says a thief recently hauled off with his belongings and beloved 5-month-old bulldog in less than a minute.

Mike Doty says he'd packed up his Escalade with a trailer attached carrying three ATVs and a large orange dirt bike -- all of his prized possessions, including his dog, Pinky, that he didn't want going with movers.

On his way out of town Saturday morning, Doty pulled off of Northwest Highway near Keller’s Burgers in Dallas to adjust a strap securing one of the ATVs.

“I was out of the truck maybe a total of 60 seconds,” Doty, who now calls Colorado home, told FOX 4 via Skype on Wednesday night. “Somebody jumped in to the front seat of my truck, got the keys out of the console and started driving it away…I just ran out of my shoes chasing him up Northwest Highway.”

Other items taken include firearms and a collection of glass art, but those items are meaningless compared to Pinky, whom he describes as fearless.

“There's no way to really describe it,” said Doty. “My immediate concern was for my animal and that's it.”

At Keller’s Burgers, small fliers are posted, and bikers are heartbroken for a man and a dog they've never met.

“Oh yeah, I have dogs,” said biker Mike Mullins. “They are family. This guy just stole somebody's family. It's not right.”

Dallas police say they are investigating but have no active leads.

Investigators still reportedly need serial number and VIN numbers for the vehicles, but of course, those won’t help find Pinky.

Doty says he is offering $2,000 reward for the dog's safe return. Doty can be contacted at 

“If I could say anything, I’d say, ‘I'm sure you are aware of the things that you took, and you can keep all of that except for the dog,'" said Doty.