Suspects arrested in robbery of man who had baby with him

Dallas police have arrested two suspects accused of robbing a man who had his 1-year-old with him at the time.

It happened Monday night in the 10000 block of Clearbrook Lane in the Lochwood neighborhood.

“Many of us, myself included, are just sickened by this, and just putting ourselves in the shoes of the father and the one 1-year-old,” said Scott Robson with the Lochwood Neighborhood Association.

Police say they’re working to determine if the same two suspects also robbed a jogger and a third person out for a walk in two more separate incidents. 

In each case, the victims were held up by a robber who stepped out of a car with a gun.

All three robberies happened less than three miles apart and all within seven days.

Robson says in Monday’s incident, the suspects stopped and asked the victim for directions, then pulled a gun and forced the man to the ground, taking his wallet and phone.

The father who was held up told friends the robbery unfolded very quickly.

He wasn't physically hurt and neither was the baby.

The other two incidents happened the morning of July 20.
One victim was robbed while jogging on Broken Bow Road and another was taking a walk on Chesterton Drive.

Since Monday's robbery, the Lochwood Neighborhood Association has been spreading the word over social media.

“We put that information out because people are new to the neighborhood or people are just afraid or concerned about what's happening,” said Robson.