Suspected killer bees form hive inside Allen home

Aggressive bees in Allen have chased off city workers and employees from several bee removal companies.

Harold Wright with Bee Safe Bee Removal in Dallas said he was called in to try to remove the bees from a homeowner’s attack on Rockefeller Drive after several other companies failed.

The bees are too aggressive. The homeowner was getting stung inside the home and sedation attempts were not working, he said.

“They were just swarming me head to toe. I mean, it was pretty crazy. I even got three to four stings myself even though I was double suited,” he said. “The hive was about 4 feet high up into the ceiling and it’s about 4 feet into the sofet. We’re talking about probably a 100 pound of honey hive. This is a monster hive here.”

Wright said the hive has been in the house since last year but now it’s swarming season. That means the bees are active and looking for a new home.

Although the bees haven’t been tested yet, he suspects they are Africanized killer bees and will need to be exterminated.