Suspected drug dealer offers monthly payments in lieu of jail time, authorities decline

Eric Bass (Credit: Limestone County Sheriff's Office)

A suspected drug dealer is accused of bribery after deputies said he tried to avoid jail time by offering monthly payments. 

Limestone County authorities said they arrested 33-year-old Eric Bass of Athens, Alabama, earlier this month during a drug-related investigation. 

The sheriff’s office said Bass was in possession of a firearm, more than a quarter-pound of methamphetamine, 11 grams of crack cocaine, 24 grams of cocaine, 59 Roxicodone pills and marijuana.

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Deputies say they caught drugs and a firearm on Bass. (Credit: Limestone County Sheriff's Office)

Authorities said when they arrested Bass, he tried to bribe them with $3,700 in cash he had on him at the time as well as monthly payments to avoid arrest. 

Bass faces two counts of bribery of public servants, two counts of drug trafficking, and various drug possession charges.

"His offer was declined by investigators," said Michelle Williamson, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman, told

This story was reported from Los Angeles.