Survey: Dallas officers frustrated with Chief Brown's policies

The Dallas Police Association released a survey Tuesday showing police officers are frustrated with Chief David Brown's policies.

The survey covered issues like citizen safety, support and if officers wanted to quit the force altogether.

According to the union's survey:

65 percent of the 1,500 officers who took it say Dallas citizens are less safe because of policies of the police chief.

8 out of 10 say they don't believe command staff support them.

Nearly a third are looking to be police officers somewhere else.

The biggest gripe is the slow response time. DPA representatives said the reason there's a higher response time is because of task forces set up by Brown.

Brown maintains higher response times are due to new policies that call for officers to slow down, wait for cover and de-escalate during tense situations. He added that he has some new ideas on the table that he's discussing with his staff he hoped would have an impact in October.