Sunday marks 1 year anniversary of Christina Morris disappearance

Sunday marks one year since Christina Morris was last seen.

23 year-old Morris was last seen August 30th, 2014  at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.

Surveillance video showed her walking to her car in the parking lot accompanied by an acquaintance, Enrique Arochi. He has denied any involvement in her disappearance. However, police did find Morris'  DNA in the trunk of his car.

Arochi is charged with aggravated kidnapping. He also faces an unrelated charge of sexual assault of a child for an alleged relationship with an underage girlfriend. He's being held on one million dollars bond.

Morris' supporters said one way to honor her is to do something nice for someone. They are dubbing this weekend 'Random Act of Kindness' weekend. They’re asking that everyone perform a random act of kindness in honor of Christina, and when you do, tell them about Christina and ask them to pay it forward. They’re using the hashtags #‎rak4christina and ‪#‎findchristina.