Suburban Chicago man kills both his parents before himself

Northbrook native Aaron Wulf killed both his parents before taking his own life.

The bodies of art and Jan Morgan-Wulf were found Wednesday morning. They had been shot to death.

A relative called the couple at their Las Vegas home Wednesday and heard fighting. That family member called police and officers went to the home where they discovered all three bodies.

"I was the only sane one in my family and now I'm dead because no one would listen to me,” Wulf had said in a two and a half hour audio recording he left behind.

A lifelong family friend says he can't believe Wulf would have committed such a heinous crime.

"The few times that I had talked with him as adults after college and what not, nothing ever seemed out of place. He seemed like a happy kid,” Brad Torf said.

Along with the audio recording, Wulf left behind a 600 page manifesto in which he details abuse that he says he suffered while working as a child actor.

"Even when they beat me in public the number of people who witnessed me being beaten by this savage - the most violent sadistic man I've ever met ...the number of people who witnessed this is in the hundreds and no one has ever reported it,” he had said.

On Thursday night, the village of Northbrook is trying to make sense of it all.

"We didn't hear about stuff like this -- it's a nice suburb, everyone knows each other,” Torf said.