Students raise funds for the family of auto-pedestrian crash victim

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Students from the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District spent their holiday selling cupcakes and other treats to benefit the family of a 10-year-old boy who was hit by a car and killed after leaving a game Friday at Saginaw High School.

Emmanuel DeSantiago, A Gililand elementary 4th grader was with a cousin and a group of kids leaving a football game between saginaw and south hills high school.  They were waiting for a ride after the game but decided to walk instead.  Emmanuel's sister says her brother tried to cross Blue Mound Road, also known as Highway 156 when he was hit.

One of the South Hills High School coaches says he and his players were on a bus leaving the Saginaw stadium when they came up on the accident.

"I was on the bus with the head coach'" South Hills Offensive Coordinator Mika Harp said, "immediately everybody pulled out their phones started texting started calling just to make sure our families were okay."

DeSantiago celebrated his birthday 2-days before the accident.

Saginaw High School student Ryan Almusawi, who participated in today's fundraiser, said:  "His mother is a single mother of 4 so she was struggling to come up with money for funeral services so trying to help anyway possible."