Street Squad - Bryan and Ervay Streets

A downtown Dallas intersection is causing headaches and creating danger.

Carolyn Parker’s biggest holdup recently has been a red light right in front of her building at the intersection of Bryan and Ervay streets.  

Parker said the light stays red sometimes for up to six minutes and then “will turn green, one car will go through and it will turn red. I mean just that quick.”

With heavy rush hour backup patience is in short supply because traffic here includes trains.

"What concerns me is you got people behind you honking wanting you to you know run a red light that's very dangerous because they can get hit by the train,” Parker said. “And you got people honking at you wanting you to run the red light because they're trying to get to work on time."

Another concern -- the walk sign at the intersection only flashes for three seconds before warning people to either stop or hurry up and get across.

City engineers and DART officials are examining the intersection to see if the timers need to be adjusted.

Until then, people in the area are concerned someone could get hurt.

"It is scary as a pedestrian because, again, they are not thinking about people crossing, they're not thinking about someone else's life, they just thinking about getting to their destination,” said Nichole Walker.