South Dallas residents complain about state troopers harassing drivers, scaring people

Some people in South Dallas argue state troopers in their neighborhood are doing more harm than good.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has been helping out the short-handed Dallas Police Department, especially in high-crime areas.

But residents who attended a public safety meeting Tuesday night in District 7 complained the troopers are harassing drivers and scaring people.

North Texas Regional Director for DPS Jeoff Williams said the crime problems in South Dallas have been building for years. He said the traffic stops have been effective in getting criminals off the streets but stressed this is not a ticket-writing campaign.

DPS troopers in the area have issued nearly 12,000 warnings but have only written about 550 tickets.

On the other hand, South Dallas residents said the crime is not going away. It’s just moving to different areas.

“I’m telling you this is not effective. This is not effective. And what you all have done is shut our businesses down. Why would I come to South Dallas to be stopped when I can go somewhere else and not be stopped?” one concerned resident asked.

“I personally have been the beneficiary of grace when I should have received justice. And I asked them to do the same thing. I started that on day one. In fact, it was an injunction. And I told them, you will not go down there and make this a ticket-writing campaign,” Williams said.

Everyone agreed they should have more meetings on the topic.

A date for the next meeting has not yet been set.