Sons of Dallas attorney want father remembered for his life, not death

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A Dallas family is still searching for answers in the death of their father.

Attorney Ira Tobolowsky died last week, in a fire at his home on Kenshire road. Investigators are now calling the fire “suspicious”.

His three sons spoke with Fox 4 about their father, Saturday, for the first time since his death. “He was our hero,” said eldest son, Jonathan Tobolowsky, “he would always want to do something to help others, he was the most selfless man I’ve ever met.”

“If we ever went out to dinner, and there were police officers or any type of law enforcement at the restaurant, dad would always, without a doubt, pick up their bill,” said middle son Michael.

Not only do his sons describe their father as a caring, family man, they say he was a force in the courtroom as well, with nearly 40 years of experience practicing law. “Seeing him in action made being a lawyer seem like the coolest job ever. He was just so good at what he did. It looked like fun,” said Michael.

It’s a career two of his sons ended up pursuing. They say they had hoped to one day, work alongside him. “That's something I always wanted to do at some point, and unfortunately I'll never have that opportunity to be my dad's colleague,” said Ira’s youngest son, Zachary.

Tobolowsky was found dead in his garage after the fire. His attorney tells Fox 4, an "accelerant" was found in his garage, but Tobolowsky wouldn’t have kept it there, because he was unable to do labor intensive work. His attorney has also turned names over to investigators, of people who may have wanted to harm him, but police have not named any persons of interest in the case.

Johnathan is engaged, and scheduled to get married next weekend. The family says they plan to go ahead with the wedding, because it’s what their father would have wanted.

Tobolowswky’s sons say they hope their father will be remembered for his life, not his death.