Some North Texans venture out on first weekend of partial reopening of Texas businesses

It’s patio season in Dallas, and people can finally be on them after phase one of four in Texas’ reopening started Friday.

Tex-Mex favorite Mi Cocina in West Village had as long as a two-hour wait over the weekend.

On Lower Greenville, people gravitated to popsicle shops and pizza places that are open, while many restaurants, HG SPLY CO included, remain closed.

“We don’t like waiting in lines, so I think that’s what we’re trying to avoid,” Chrissy Skudera and Raul Vasquez said. “They’re not taking reservations or anything, so I’m like, I don’t know, it’s kind of easier to stay home and have a couple beers on the patio.”

The fear of the coronavirus is still evident, with people apprehensive about indulging fully in a day out.

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And the record breaking number of confirmed cases reported Sunday in Dallas County, 234, did not help.

The number of occupied ICU beds and ventilators in use in Dallas also increased over the weekend.

“It is a concern. It’s a major concern. I think if people just use common sense,” Vasquez added. “If you don’t feel well, stay home. That’s how I feel about it.”

Bullzerk is making the most of it, printing tees with a pandemic theme.

Business was good for Bullzerk Saturday and Sunday, thanks to people wanting to support small business.

“People coming in saying, ‘Oh, y’all are back? We missed you. It’s been too long. What new stuff do you have?’ It was nice to see the support of the community,” Bullzerk manager Halle Thornton said.

Kassi Fishback and Alvin Chikaeze wish more people were more supportive of wanting to keep the community safe.

“I believe everybody is not as socially distanced as we could be,” they said. “I’ve also noticed a lot of people without masks and that’s a huge risk I’m not willing to take, clearly.”

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