SMU football team honors fallen officers during game

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While some are taking a knee, Southern Methodist University’s football team paid tribute to the officers killed in the Dallas police ambush.

The tribute happened during SMU’s nationally-televised game against Texas Christian University Friday afternoon. It gave special meaning to the annual Battle for the Iron Skillet.

Players ran onto the field wearing special decals on SMU helmets, highlighting the Dallas skyline in recognition of the Dallas and DART officers killed in the July 7 ambush.

At the center of ambush crisis was Dallas Police Chief David Brown. He received a standing ovation when he walked onto the field for the coin toss.

“I looked around. Everyone in the stadium was standing up. So it's a positive honor for a man who served so long and so well,” said SMU fan Don Brooks.”

“I thought it was just awesome. I think he's really doing an awesome job, and I hate to see him leave,” said SMU fan Ethel Loyd.

Recognition of the soon-to-retire police chief was followed by prayer and a moment of silence as the names of the Dallas officers were read aloud along with SMU Officer Mark McCullers. He was killed in flashing flooding in July.

“Gets right to the heart, you know,” said Officer Ed Sizemore. “It's tragic what happened in Dallas, and we're all still recovering from that. It's good they have things like this.” 

The small gestures were given prominence under the Friday night lights.

“That's part of the healing. Help get some of this remorse out,” said Loyd. “You get a chance to cheer and let go, and that's a good thing.”

SMU also recognized University Park Fire Department Captain Bob Poynter who was murdered earlier this month while off-duty.

First responders were able to get into the game free of charge.

Earlier this year, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to do something similar but were denied by the NFL.