Smash-and-grab burglars target two gun stores in Denton

Denton police are working to determine if two overnight attempted gun store robberies are connected.

Around 1 a.m. Thursday, police say four people rammed a vehicle into White Wing Weaponry on University Drive. The would-be burglars didn’t take anything and left the stolen vehicle behind.

Robert Stock owns the building on East University Drive. He believes after the first time the building was hit, one of the suspects crawled inside the business. Stock says a suspect inside was trapped for time and had to break out through a side door.

"This is a tale of the idiots," Stock said. "I'd call him the three stooges, but I like them."

About an hour later, there was a similar incident at Call to Arms Gun Shop on Dallas Drive. The suspects used a big truck to smash their way inside and caused extensive damage to the store. But, the owner said guns are always kept in a vault overnight, so the burglars left mostly empty-handed. They took only a TV and DVD player.

“Every night, every firearm in the building is locked up in the vault. Every morning I have to get here early to take them out and put them in the display cases or hand them on the walls,” said Bill Anderson, the owner of Call to Arms. “If I hadn’t have done that there would be possibly 100 to 150 firearms on the street.”

Witnesses said the suspects took off in a white dually truck. Police suspect it is stolen.

Investigators are now looking at surveillance video and working with the ATF to determine if the cases are related to organized crime.