Shooting involving Dallas PD, suspect ends with no injuries

Dallas police say they had no choice but to open fire on a gunman behaving strangely on Wednesday night, and luckily, the gunfire didn't hit anyone.

The incident happened on Wiley College Drive in Southeast Oak Cliff near JJ Lemmon Park and Paul Quinn College.

Dallas police say a concerned family member called saying their 21-year-old relative was armed and threatening to kill himself inside this home.

“They were trying to talk him out, but he stayed in there a while,” said witness Lucinda Jackson.

Officers negotiated with the suspect for about 45 minutes.

"Sometime after that 45 minutes, his actions forced our officers to fire one time,” said Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin with the Dallas Police Department.

The officer didn't hit the suspect, who walked back inside the home and put the gun down. Responding officers finally talked him out of the home and took him into custody.

Police say the suspect man is at DPD headquarters being questioned..